La quinta raza

It is a series of works that consist of 15 pieces made in different formats in oil on canvas, in a surrealist genre, made in the 90's in the state of Cuernavaca, Morelos in Mexico City.
Among the works that stand out in this series are: ¨Al Infinito¨, ¨Cielo y Tierra¨, ¨Energía Terrestre¨, ¨Naturaleza Divina¨, ¨Espirit de Mujer¨, ¨Cosmic Expression¨ and ¨Me You belong¨.
 It was really the first complete series of the author as a plastic artist in his beginnings, being one of his strongest themes, since it was the love towards his mother, his sisters and mother earth that was the essence of his universe, but above all to Women as a total entity, that led to emotional involvement in each piece since it was part of their environment to what they experienced since their childhood and what women represented at the time.
The series has a very surreal meaning as a realist as a whole, since the female silhouettes arise within their own worlds, where mother earth is the main cause of her arrival and strengthening as a woman since the roots that make the foundations of any species, that without it the human life itself will not exist, its universe revolves around it as its everything, that embraces, that carries, that comforts, it is a whole universe of probabilities towards a world without limits.
In the words of his own author at the time I made this series, he tells us:
 ¨My imaginative spaces focus on the essence of a whole. It is the search for an infinite space where there is neither a beginning nor an end, it is my passion and my joy. It is a place where energy crosses the universe where being born and dying is the magical game of nature.